Do you want your celebration to be unforgettable? Look no further, Multimedia Enhancement is SO much more than “just screens!” The possibilities with multimedia and video integration are truly endless. Below are just a few ways in which they can be integrated into your next event

Live #Hashtag Feeds

  • Throughout your event, guests are able to send pictures and messages to our dual flat screens via picture message or by using your custom #hashtag on social media. Cell phones will become a tool of engagement rather than a distraction.
  • Social media integration is just the start. As your celebration progresses, photo booth pictures, candid photos, etc. an be added into the live feed.
Photo by Meaghan Hudy

Love Stories

  • Leave your guests amazed and build excitement for your grand entrance by telling your own pre-recorded video love story on our screens!

Custom Photo/Video Montages

  • Imagine the joy and laughter in the room as you enjoy a dance with one of your parents while a montage of your favorite childhood memories plays in the background.
Photo by Meaghan Hudy

Music Videos & More

  • Once open dancing begins, We can optionally display select music videos and visuals in conjunction with the live feed. Adding music videos is a unique, modern way to create a classy dance atmosphere
  • The possibilities are endless and anything you can think of, we'll gladly make happen! If you'd like to learn more, please get in touch with us!