Our modern lighting options are unparalleled. From ballrooms to barns, We have tasteful options that will fill your venue with elegance, style and charisma!

Intelligent Uplighting – Are you looking for that “wow” factor? Look no further! Our fully wireless, intelligent uplights can be placed literally anywhere to give your party elegance and style.  We can program the lights to a color of your choice and can even change them to fade and change with the music as the night progresses!

Intelligent Dance and Effect Lighting – You won’t find us using any cheesy laser lights that will ruin your photography. Our Intelligent Dance Lighting is classy and modern. It is a great way to turn your event into your dream celebration! We can use the lights to spotlight special dances and other moments, add design and texture to the room through dinner and then transform the room into an upscale nightclub-like atmosphere during open dancing!

Monogram Projection – Imagine your guests reaction when they walk into your event and see your names or logo in bright light on the wall or dance floor! We can custom design a monogram for you or project a logo that you already have! We also offer animated monogram projection! It’s the perfect way to add flair to your event! Click the button below to see some of our options!

Dancing on the Clouds

This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to dance on a cloud in front of all of your family and friends. It’s guaranteed to be the most memorable dance they have ever seen and you’ll be able to remember it forever in your photos!

Amaze your guests with an Animated Monogram