• Are you tired of boring DJs that just press buttons? We actually mix, blend and mashup music live to keep the dance floor moving!
  • Do you want a concert-like atmosphere? We can bring earth shattering bass and festival worthy lighting
  • Want to take it to the next level? We'll bring giant video screens to display music videos, a live hashtag and picture message feed and more!
  • We listen to your wants and needs and are open to song requests before and during the event
  • Not only do we have all of the latest hits before their even on the radio, but we have super clean versions that your chaperones won't shut down!


  • We listen to your wants and needs and abide by all rules and guidelines
  • We can create a code system with you to deal with any potential issues
  • We have super clean versions of songs. If non-direct explicit content is an issue, you're even welcome to give us a "do not play" list
  • All DJ companies should carry liability insurance; However, most do not. We are fully insured so you'll have nothing to worry about!
  • We can help and have helped increase attendance and sell more tickets

We're also an excellent choice for Sweet 16's, Bar and Bat Mitvahs, Quinceañeras, birthday parties, and more!